Original Crooked Tree Symbol by Oscar Balfour (2013)

Original Crooked Tree Symbol by Oscar Balfour (2013)



Crooked Tree Theatre was set up in 2013 with the intention of combining the DIY ethos of punk with experimental theatre and performance art.

Since then, we've dedicated our time to putting on inexpensive and often unsettling shows laced pitch-black humour, dark satire and alternative music.

Artistic Director: Daniel Tremor

Managing Director: Oscar Balfour

Head Of Production: Rosie Beard

STRANGE fruits

Crooked Tree has been described as Theatre Of The Down-Trodden or Anti-Theatre because we work mostly independent of the theatre industry, putting on our own shows with like-minded degenerates in alternative venues.

We take inspiration for our shows from music, comics, films, folklore, classic literature, pulp fiction, true crime, conspiracy theories, queer theories, gender studies, contemporary philosophy, modern alienation, and our own warped sense of humour as we watch humanity's downfall.


Our shows feature original music and collaborations from artists within the London Antifolk Movement, as well as other indie acts. These have included David Cronenberg's Wife, Men Diamler, Bridport Dagger, The Rebel and more...