Original Crooked Tree Symbol by Oscar Balfour (2013)

Original Crooked Tree Symbol by Oscar Balfour (2013)



Crooked Tree Theatre was founded in 2013 with the intention of combining experimental theatre with the DIY ethos of punk. Since then, we have been producing our own original performances in alternative venues around London.

Our work has been described as Theatre Of The Down-Trodden and Anti-Theatre, due to our “damaged, confrontational and subtly nihilistic” characters and the tragicomic worlds they are trapped within.

Our shows often include dark subject matter, surreal satire, gallows humour, and original music by artists from across the UK.

We are an LGBTQIA+ and Feminist company with a dark sense of humour, a political perspective, and a love of classic pop-culture.

Artistic Director: Daniel Tremor

Managing Director: Oscar Balfour

Head Of Production: Rosie Beard